How Did We Increase Shop Efficiency by 700%? A Case Study on the Success of E-commerce in the Natural Cosmetics Industry

Resibo is a well-known brand in the Polish market for natural cosmetics. For years, it has been winning the hearts of women who want to take care of themselves without forgetting about the environment. Today, the brand offers a wide range of natural and vegan cosmetics, often recommended by well-known influencers.

Our Task

Our task was to provide Resibo with comprehensive support in the development and optimization of their online store based on PrestaShop.

How Did Our Cooperation Start?

The cooperation with Resibo began in 2018 when the Client came to us for support in maintaining and developing their online store. Initially, the company used the services of an external freelancer, but the growing scale of the project required specialist knowledge and experience in server infrastructure, necessary to handle the increasing traffic in the store. Particularly problematic were promotional campaigns, which required streamlining the store's operations, faster order processing, and the development of new functionalities. As the number of users grew, the current e-commerce system became inefficient. Together with the Client, we identified key areas that required immediate optimization.


At the beginning of our collaboration with Resibo, communication was mainly via email. At that time, we managed the project in a small team, but as the store developed, we saw the need for more efficient processes to improve our work and ensure better communication. We expanded the project team, which now includes several qualified IT specialists. We also introduced a JIRA board, which allowed us to effectively manage reports and tasks, and we moved communication to MS Teams so that we were in constant contact with the Client regarding changes being made and further ideas.

Another challenge was the store's migration to a higher version of the PrestaShop software. At that moment, Resibo's store also struggled with handling large seasonal actions, e.g., Black Friday, or product premieres, which required optimization on our part. Modifications were necessary to reduce the number of queries to the database, mainly in the shopping cart, and also to develop and implement a scalable infrastructure based on AWS Cloud.

UpBrand's Holistic Approach to the Project

“We approached the entire project comprehensively. We were not only concerned with clearing the system but also supporting the client in the daily development of the brand in international markets.”

Paweł Ławniczak

Owner & Project Manager


Migration of the Online Store to PrestaShop

We started work by updating the store to the latest version of PrestaShop. Migration was essential to provide access to the latest functionalities, improve performance, and increase store security. We conducted a carefully planned update, minimizing disruptions that could affect the customers' purchasing process. Importantly, we did not lose the store's SEO score during migration, so the process did not negatively impact product visibility in the search engine.

Integration with an External ERP System

We prepared Resibo's store for integration with an external ERP system. By handling additional endpoints on PrestaShop, we enabled smooth integration, which affected the speed of order management and data synchronization between the store and the ERP system.

Development of the Site with New Features

Together with Resibo, we continued to develop the site, introducing new functionalities that improved user experience and increased conversion effectiveness. We adapted the store interface, built dedicated landing pages, added personalized product recommendations, optimized the payment process, and introduced other functions that significantly impacted customers' positive experience throughout the purchasing process.

Building and Developing Foreign Stores

We supported Resibo in its expansion into foreign markets by building and developing online stores for their franchise partners. We included dedicated solutions in the implementation, considering language differences, local preferences, and legal regulations. As a result, Resibo could effectively expand its operations and successfully reach new target groups, increasing foreign sales.

Cyclical Updates and Store Security

One of our key tasks was to ensure regular updates of Resibo's online store platform, including the new version of PrestaShop and all used modules. We also provided security monitoring of the store and implemented appropriate protections to protect customer data and prevent potential hacker attacks.

SEO Optimization

SEO is a very important aspect that affects the functioning of an online store. After a detailed audit conducted by the SEO agency, we were able to implement a complete set of recommendations to increase the visibility of Resibo's products in search results.

How Did Our Cooperation Translate into Results?

Success During Black Friday

Thanks to our efforts, the Resibo store manages the biggest promotion of the year - Black Friday - for another year in a row. At one point, it smoothly served over 1,500 unique users, which became an important achievement for us. Previously, complications occurred with too many users, which could cause an extended page loading time. However, thanks to intensive work on optimizing the store's infrastructure, we increased its efficiency, and customers can buy their favorite products much faster and more comfortably.

  • Store uptime at 99%
  • Increasing store efficiency by over 700%
  • Pagespeed (GPS) rates at 90+

Plans for Further Development and Summary

Our joint achievements confirm our effectiveness in providing not only technical stability of the store but also its efficiency and responsiveness. Thanks to our cooperation, Resibo can now confidently focus on developing their brand and offering high-quality cosmetics, knowing that the store will operate efficiently even in the most demanding situations, such as large promotions or increased traffic. We have eliminated the problems the Client previously faced and achieved great results. Further development of the Resibo store is a dynamic process that requires continuous collaboration and innovation, but as an experienced agency, we are ready to support Resibo in new ideas, projects, and achieving further successes in the e-commerce market.
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