A team of professionals consisting of software developers, designers & marketing experts.

In Upbrand, we don’t do 9-5. It is a space in which we value quality over quantity, creating a team of real-life superheroes. Upbrand is created by specialists with experience of working in marketing agencies and corporations. We have learnt a lot, however we had the feeling that something was missing. Finally in 2017, we have introduced the project that connects all those dots so that we can say “This is it!”.

The way we work

We value the partnership the most. We are always happy to hear your ideas and willing to make changes at any stage of the development. Flexibility seems to be our second name.

  • Partnership

    We’ll be there for you at every step of the way. No matter which path you decide to follow.

  • Passion

    Long story short: developing brands turns us on! We tend to have different opinions, yet we are on the same page here - It has to be passion!

  • Evolution

    It’s not just the theory, it’s the truth! That is why we keep evolving by constant training, case studies and mutual knowledge exchange. If Upbrand grows, your brand can grow as well!

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration - seems to be at the top of our list! We trust our colleagues and clients, we communicate needs and finally - we work together more effectively than ever!

  • Ownership

    When your brand becomes our project, you can be sure that turning into your success is just a matter of time. That’s what happens when somebody cares and we care a lot.

  • Transparency

    We are an open book. We don’t hide anything, as we are super excited about the work we do - we just couldn't resist bragging about it! You can easily find answers to questions like “who are we?”, “what do we do?”, “where are we?” along with any other WH - questions.

How it goes, step by step

Project Management is a process, through which we guide you. Every step is a part of a precise, transparent plan. We are going to connect these dots together.


Every project starts with it. Tell us what you dream of and we will turn it into a schedule.






Technology expertise & marketing background

Our technology expertise and marketing backgound includes but not limited to:


JavaScript/TypeScript (React.js/Next.js), HTML, CSS (SASS), GraphQL Webpack

Mobile & API Testing

Postman, Supertest, Codeception, Jest, Mocha, Firebase

Mobile platforms

React Native, Flutter

Cloud Platforms

Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes


RestAPI, GraphQL, WebRTC, Payment Gateways, Mail Services


WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify

Content Management System

WordPress, Strapi, Custom


Node.js, PHP, GoLang, JavaScript/TypeScript (Nest.js/Next.js/Node.js)

Automation Testing

Selenium Driver, Cypress.io, Gherkin Language, Automated Testing for CI/CD

Database Management

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch

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